Yoga is a beautiful harmony of our minds, body and soul though our breath and practice and going to a yoga class is a special way to connect especially when the teacher is just as amazing as the practice.  Emily Williams is a rare talent and walking into one of her classes you can expect to be mindfully and physically challenged, while finding an inner strength and peace, connecting you to all the beautiful aspects that yoga is.  

Emily is incredibly knowledgeable, no class is ever the same, and she can customize each asana for your needs, managing to give individual attention in a room full of students.  Not only do you walk away from a class with an amazing yoga practice, at any level, you won’t easily forget her smile, her kindness, her heart filled guidance or her love for her students, friends and family.  Yoga with Emily is an experience your yoga practice won’t want to be without.
— Michelle Haselton
Emily has a way of creating a deep understanding of the fundamentals of a yoga practice.  She mixes the spiritual with the physical, the visionary with the practical.  Within the teaching of each posture, she holds the vision of the next step in that posture, for each individual student within their own “stretch” of growth. I have moved away from her studio but her instruction stays in my head, gently reminding me to correct my posture, to tuck this in, to relax that and I find that voice one of reassurance and support.  I feel so incredibly blessed that my introduction to this practice came through her knowledge and wonderful way of opening me to what is possible today and tomorrow as I build my strength, my ease and my confidence.
— Vicki Jones
I have worked with Emily for several years now. What sticks in my mind the most are those sweet memories that are held in my body of her gentle adjustments and directions about how to do a pose that have become like mantras to me. Emily helps us all to see and feel with beginners eyes, her words are clear, distinct and said with integrity and passion. Emily holds boundaries. She has taught me how to hold boundaries, in yoga and in my life. Whether it’s a class for beginners, or an advanced class where she pushes herself as well as the rest of the class, it is always done with passion, joy and such respect to the work. I am blessed to be in her class and to share in the beautiful yoga community that she has created.
— Summer Stevenson
Emily’s therapeutic yoga classes are incredible.  She has a vast repertoire of asanas and can put together a masterful series of postures for any part of the body including hips, shoulders, back, psoas, and even the pelvic floor.
— Leela Mowry
I have taken classes from Emily for over five years. During this period, I have witnessed her growth from a young teacher daring to open a studio in this remote part of the Sierra’s, into a confident businesswoman and highly skilled yoga instructor. Each and every class I have taken from Emily not only advances my practice but opens my mind and restores my soul. Emily has a gift that enables her to teach any student, at any level, in any studio. In her strength as a woman, she inspires strength in her students. In her authenticity as woman; Emily inspires us all to open into our own authenticity.
— Chris Schulz, yoga teacher
Emily has been my yoga teacher for several years now.  To have her quality of teaching and expertise available is such a blessing.  Emily has given me a strong base. She has made me aware of my strengths, my weaknesses, and how my greatest strengths can become a weakness if I’m not careful to recognize my limits on any given day. Emily has given me the tools of a solid foundation and alignment needed to build a strong, beautiful home practice, a time I enjoy so much and look forward to almost every day.
— Kelly Stevenson
Emily William’s studio, Trails Within, in Graeagle, California is an absolute treasure. Emily has a way of making me feel so welcome and special, a feeling I suspect I share with all of her students. Emily is an intuitive teacher who knows how to bring out the best in her students. There are a number of challenging poses that I have done for the first time in Emily’s classes. She inspires me to find my courageous side with her own humor, confidence, and self-acceptance.
— Beth Cederstrom, yoga teacher
One of the things I’ve gained the most from Emily as a teacher is the encouragement and the practical tools to keep yoga alive in my life. I’ve had numerous health issues over the past 6 years and at first I felt like I had to keep starting over with yoga. But Emily keeps finding small and gentle ways for me to stay in touch with my practice no matter what’s going on with my body. With her encouragement and guidance, I continue to reap the benefits of yoga, which is a great help to me both physically and spiritually. Emily inspires us both in the moment and in continuing our practice in even the smallest way. She helps people build yoga, both from a physical and philosophical perspective, into their everyday lives.
— Jennifer Lacy